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Bible Edification by Extention (BEE)

"And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, 
the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also"

II Timothy 2:2

Welcome to a wonderful opportunity to obtain the Biblical education and training you have always wanted-and you don't have to give up your job or position with your church and move to a distant city.

The original classes were taught mainly by Richard Jordan in the context of a local church ministry in a major metropolitan area (Chicago, Illinois). They are now offered through a"guided individual study program" via video. The courses are designed especially for those with "the work of the ministry" in mind. Anyone, however, seeking the godly edification available through the intensive study of sound doctrine is welcome as a student.

It is "perfected saints" who are called upon to do "the work of the ministry," and it is only through the "godly edifying" (I Tim. 1:3,4) set forth in the rightly divided Word that this is possible. Hence our focus is on the edification and equipping of our students so they can be "good ministers of Jesus Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine" (I Tim. 4:6).

It is not our place to tell you how or where you should serve the Lord. That is a decision you must make, based on the maturity and wisdom God's grace imparts through faith in a proper understanding of His Word (II Cor. 1:24, I Thess. 2:13). 

Our goal is to perfect/mature you so as to equip you to be able to comprehend, recognize and perform that task under the genuine motivation and empowerment of the Holy Spirit.


Our Program

With this end in view, our school is unique in several important ways:

First is our curriculum: Rather than following the standard systems and traditions of Systematic Theology (which largely developed out of the attempt of Scholasticism during the Middle Ages to explain "theology" via human viewpoint methodologies), we have chosen instead to base our curriculum on the Divinely Designed Pattern for Edification laid out in the epistles of the Apostle Paul. 

This curriculum design is completely and totally unique from all other Bible Institutes, Bible Colleges and seminaries. While many of these schools recognize the importance of safeguarding their teaching, they have consistently made the fatal mistake of allowing their curriculum to be structure by the human viewpoint of Systematic Theology. 

By following the "godly edifying" of the Pauline Design for Edification, we can bring our students to spiritual maturity in both the shortest time frame and the most thorough manner. Thus they are equipped for a lifetime of continued growth and service.

A second uniqueness of GSB is its delivery method: We are committed to local-church-based education. Not only is this the clearly expressed methodology of the Apostle Paul, it is the only procedure that really works. It is counter productive for a local ministry to "raise up" men who want to preach and teach God's Word, only to then send them off to some school in a far away location to be "trained." Such a training procedure almost certainly assures that the student, once "trained," will not return to the local church that originally produced him! His loyalty will now be to his alma mater, not to the local church from whence he came. Thus is born the machinery of religious tyranny!

Our desire is to make quality edification available to our students without requiring them to be uprooted from the ministry and location of which they are a natural part. Thus all class work is done through a program of Bible Edification by Extension (BEE). This makes "guided individual study" available to any student regardless of location or circumstances through the use of DVDs. There is a weekly schedule to follow that covers a three-year period and which can be adapted to fit into a students own personal situation and scheduling demands.

This also assures that our students obtain their edification while remaining in the environment and atmosphere of the ministry that originally produced their spiritual life and interest. Thus they are able to get hands-on mentoring while also developing maturity in the grace life. Group classes are encouraged, although individuals can successfully matriculate equally well.

If a student does not presently have a local church, we seek to attach him to an overseer who will fill this function. But we do not require a student to relocate in order to attend GSB.

These unique qualities combine with three basic areas of emphasis: 

1. An intensive study of the English Bible designed to provide a thorough knowledge of the Word of God according to the dispensational method set forth in II Timothy 2:15, thus giving an understanding of what God is doing in this age and preparing the student for useful and effective service for the Lord. 

2. On preaching, rather than on the executive and promotional branches/issues of the work. On-the-job training in getting message out to others is combined to balance the student's growth.

3. On the Reformation text of the King James Bible rather than on the critical theories that have been used to destroy the authority of that text. The King James Bible is clearly presented as the Word of God for the English speaking people and our absolute and final authority.


Class Procedures

1. Individual Class Procedures:

a. Class DVDs are furnished from Grace School of the Bible, P.O. Box 97, Bloomingdale, IL 60108 (along with any additional class material).
b. Lessons are to be viewed weekly in their assigned sequence. Notes should be taken for later study.
c. Any questions about class materials should be directed in written form or by telephone to our office or your assigned overseer. Please do not send tapes or DVDs to be answered.
d. Tests will be taken on the honor system and will be supplied at proper intervals. They should be immediately returned to your assigned grader for grading and recording.
e. Upon successfully completing the course work and the comprehensive Final Exam, the student is eligible to graduate. Recognition is given and Diplomas are presented at the annual school meeting the last full weekend of April. If the student is unable to attend or for other reasons desires, the Diploma will be awarded and presented by mail at anytime the student has successfully matriculated the curriculum.

2. Group Class Procedures:

a. Our commitment to church-based-education is at the heart of GSB. By this we do simply mean church-housed-education. Thus when a local ministry sets up its on site training institute, we take the position of a resource center to aid the local ministry in its efforts. This means that we provide the curriculum and administrative material (e.g., grading keys); the local ministry decides the functional on site operations. Our guidance and involvement is available up to and including all levels the local church desires.
b. It is recommended that when the class is made up of more than one student, a class president should be elected. The class president shall be responsible for overseeing the proper execution of class responsibilities, to receive & play DVDs, open class with prayer and maintain relations with the school office.


Enrollment and Student Body


1. Applications must be submitted to the office along with an enrollment fee of $15.

2. It is preferred that those enrolling have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

3. It is expected that applicants have not only trusted Christ as their Savior but also have yielded their lives to God, desiring to know and stand for truths revealed in His Word.

3. Passing grades must be achieved for the student to proceed to the next level of classes.

Tuition and Fees:

GSB is a 3 year curriculum. There is no tuition charge for individual students in GSB. The class DVDs are purchased for $240 per year and belong to the student or group class. No further fees are involved. Typically the DVDs will be shipped one trimester at a time. 

Obviously with no tuition charge the cost of carrying on this ministry is borne by Christian friends who give sacrificially to underwrite this ministry. Thus each student and local ministry is encouraged to also remember GSB in their giving to the Lord's work and/or in their missionary giving.


Schedule of Classes


Manuscript Evidence (101, 102, 103): An in-depth study of the doctrines of inspiration and preservation of Scripture (101), followed by a survey of the history of the transmission of the Bible text (102) and its translation into English (103). This course gives the student confidence in the Authorized Version as the English fruit of the process of preservation.

Basic Grace Orientation (101, 102, 103): Basic edification in "present truth" is provided in a foundational study of grace truth found in the Book of Romans. Following Paul's Design for Edification, this course covers the first foundation principle for edification and establishment of believers in the dispensation of grace.

Basic Prophecy-program Orientation (101, 102, 103): An overview of the prophetic program of the nation Israel is provided, along with a detailed study of the Book of Daniel.

Fundamentals of Bible Study (101, 102): A practical study of the fundamentals of hermeneutics with special emphasis on mid-Acts dispensationalism.

Foundations of Culture and Life (102, 103): A detailed study of the four divine institutions for the establishment and orderly maintenance of the human race (Gen. 1-11), along with an introduction to the place of the nation Israel in God's plan for man (Gen. 12-ff).


Preparation and Delivery of Sermons (201, 202, 203): A practical study of the art of research and development of sermons with emphasis on expositional messages. Special attention is paid to "delivering the goods" in a clear and plain manner.

Basic Grace Orientation (201, 202, 203): Completion of the final three foundation principles of grace edification. These classes complete coverage of Romans. The Corinthian epistles and Galatians are studied in conjunction with this course.

Advanced Prophecy-program Orientation (201, 202, 203): A continuation of the prophetic program studies carrying the student through the earthly ministry and message of Christ.

O. T. Survey (201, 202): A survey of the message and flow of each O.T. book designed especially to focus on the history and spiritual development of the nation Israel.


Ambassadorship (301, 302, 303): A survey of the issues of the work of the ministry. The books of I & II Timothy, Titus and Philemon are also surveyed in this course.

Advanced Grace Orientation (301, 302, 303): Continuing to follow Paul's design for the believer's edification, advanced grace truth is covered in this detailed study of Ephesians. Philippians and Colossians are studied in conjunction with this course.

Church History (301, 302): A detailed study of the history of the true church with special focus on the identifying characteristics of an application of a truly grace-based witness to the contemporaneous scene.

Advanced Prophecy-program Orientation (301, 302, 303): A continuation of the prophetic program studies carrying the student through the Book of Acts, with special attention to its transitional nature.


There is an ever expanding variety of continuing education courses available to our graduates designed to offer further indepth Bible studies as well as keep them abreast of current ministry issues.

For enrollment applications or further information, contact:

Grace School of the Bible
P.O.Box 97
Bloomingdale, IL 60108

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